The Grey Party Train #1



Northern California Gang

Gandalph is peeking out from between large leaf trees on the right (looking to see what's going on with the others) obviously goofing off behind the leaves chewing branches or something...

Bell is in flight trying to capture a bug saying "I'm gonna get you". Miss Poombah is sitting inside the restaurant dressed in pearls with a hat.   Pico is sitting in front of the restaurant saying "Hurry Up Miss P!"   Xena and Grady are standing in front of the restaurant and Xena is telling Grady "I need a date!" Grady's eyes show total disinterest.  A cart is sitting in front of the restaurant.  Eddie is keeping watch - perched on the left side of the cart.  Marimba is saying "Applause Please" as she takes a backward bow on the right side of the cart; and Freddie is sitting at the back of the cart saying "Hi Mom!".



Sassy (B&G) and Bailey (CAG)

While the other greys were resting at the cafe area, Sassy (B&G) and Bailey found themselves in the lively debate over the expected party guests ...  Sassy was positive she'd heard there would be other B&Gs there - Bailey was not so sure.



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