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Since 01/02/00

Date last edited:  06/20/12





On this page you will find many cute & funny stories of people with their pet birds. 

(These stories have been reprinted with the permission of the parents of these birds.)

I dedicate this page to my internet friends on Grey Matter.

May you all grow old with your birds.




 MONGO.gif (1604 bytes)

Mongo at 20 years old!A few years ago a guy came over to the house saw Mongo sitting in his cage (dog was in the house) was very interested in learning about this *Really Cool* looking bird. Ok, I was telling him some of the things Mongo would say and how he would/could put an answer to a question WHEN he wanted to.. Well the guy whom we shall refer to as S.C. (Space Cadet, cuz I'm still not sure what planet he was from), S.C. would keep asking Mongo stupid questions,mongo2.jpg (211293 bytes) what's 1+1? What's a dog say? Can you fly? On and on he went.. Well Mongo, who doesn't talk in front of people must of gotten really sick of this guy and his questions finally turned his back on him. I told S.C., the bird must of had enough of his silly questions when the guy looked at me and said, "Yeah that's cuz he can't talk right?" I said "No. He just talks when he wants.."  So S.C. says, "Can you MAKE him talk?" Before I could reply Mongo say's "NO.. Now sit down & shuddup"!!!
It worked.. the guy stopped asking Mongo questions!


reddivider.gif (1129 bytes)

This IS a True story.. Do not drink or eat anything while reading this!  My hubby's boss had decided that he needed LOTS over overtime out of him.  To make it up for missing our family life the boss rented us a cabin on a lake. So we packed up the kid & fid and away we go. Mongo had a perch that we had made and mounted on the floor of our pick up. He could sit there and see everything out the front window. He loved it! As you know most people get a big kick out of seeing a parrot in a cage... well the reaction of seeing one driving down the road was even funnier!

We had to make a stop in a small town for gas.. Dad went in to pay and I was in the truck with the kid & fid. I was looking around and noticed the car in front of us.. The 16 year old is pumping gas for his mom, and looking in the truck. He kinda smacks his mom and points to our truck.. She in turn looks and then starts to walk over, squinting at the bird! Next thing I know she's knocking on the windshield.. Poor Mongo is freaking out cuz all he sees is a hand coming at him.  So I rolled the window down and asked her to stop it, as she was scaring the bird. She comes to my side and is ohhhing and awwwwing at Mongo, who has returned to preening his now ruffled feathers. She looking him over and makes the most unreal comment I have EVER heard in my life.... "Are those tail feathers REAL? Or did you SEW them on?????"

Ok.. I know we're in a small town and everything, but come ON! Yes, I did explain the his feathers were real..   She asked if I could PULL one out and give it to her! "Ummmmmm .. NO, I'm pretty sure that Mongo would like to keep all his pretty little feathers all to himself!" After a million questions, she finally leaves and we get back on the road.. The rest of the vacation went very well. Mongo sat in all the trees making all kinds of sounds, enjoying himself. We were alone at the resort for most of the week.. ahhhh the quiet life. I'm cooking and cleaning, chasing down a 3 yr old, keeping the bird happy (He was so EASY!), going fishing, canoeing and just laying about soaking up the sun! Friday rolls around and we get neighbors!

Mongo who has been fairly quiet all morning is sitting in "HIS" tree preening away in the sun..  He looks up and lets out with the loudest wolf whistle I'd heard out of him yet!.. Now it's looking like I'm the only one out here... and the new neighbors are both college age girls... oh boy.. did I look red or what (& NOT from the sun!).. I kinda sorta ignored them and went back to my book.. Mongo had other thoughts... "Hey! Come'ere!... wolf whistle.. Hey! What ya doing?.. I Love MOM.. Hi MOM... wolf whistle.. COMMMMMMMEEEEE 'ERRRRRRRR!"

Good grief..  They are both now looking at ME! Now I don't have a man's voice so I speak up.. "It's NOT ME.. it's the bird in the tree"! "Yeah right.. there a bird in the tree that can talk"!  "Welllll yes, there is." I go to get him out of the tree. Well by now these two are just about rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter as I'm standing there looking for Mongo who has decided to make himself invisible!  He climbed up higher in the tree! So now it looks like I'm talking to a tree! After about 5 minutes, he finally comes down and shows himself.  He was doing the evil "hehehehe" laugh all the way down. I coulda wrung his little neck!

Well he was a hit with the girls, got spoiled rotten as they would come over and share their food with him.. took pictures of " the talking tree" Vacation ends and we go home.. " I want my tree!" says Mongo.. oh yeah right...we'll load it up with the rest of the stuff, hahaha!

Mongo is owned by Kris. Mongo is a 20 year old Congo African Grey (old wise man!)


 AVERYFBS.gif (1526 bytes)

Here I am on the computer... doing stuff and I have my "boy" with me and He decides he wants to go to the tabletop next to me (sits on top of my printer thingy (hehe).

I look over at him and even if I smile at him he gets all jumpy & excited - Practically RUNS down the steps to give his Mama a big kiss.

But that isn't the backwards part.

I put him back and he starts climbing DOWN the tabletop BACKWARDS! Holding onto the step above him with his mandible and reaches down with his left foot (picture it dangling trying to find the step!). He made it all the way to the bottom. It has been a while since I have seen him do it. But BOY OH BOY is it FUNNY to watch!

He's not backwards, Just SPECIAL!


reddivider.gif (1129 bytes)

Yesterday I made spaghetti w/meat sauce and of course its one of the favorite for my fids. So we passed out some pasgetti's with some meat sauce for my babies. As usually 1/2 of it all over the floor and cage and NOT in their bellies. But well worth the effort - just to see them all Butt Up  in the air while they are face down in their food bowls.

Carlos and I got everyone settled in after dinner. Now I am sitting with Avery for his nightly skritching session and I noticed red coloring all over his feet then when I looked by the sides of his mouth where there is a bit of skin - their is lots of red coloring their too. My first reaction was a high pulse (for about 2 seconds) then I started to laugh - My Chubby Wubby got sauce all ova him!

Who would have thought... A Congo with a Moustache!

Now that was a Kodak moment :>

Avery is owned by Monie.  He is a Cameroon African Grey. 


 PICO.gif (1317 bytes)

Pico and I have a game we play almost everyday.

He sits on the bar that runs around the top of his cage and I will ask him for his toes.

He LOVES this game and will do all kinds of funny chattering and baby talk and of course any food he has in him sometimes also comes up (Yuck!!!! Oh the wonders of having a bird LOVE you) :0)

Anyways, I will ask for his toes and he will put his foot in my hand and then talk about it while I sit there and rub his toes telling him how "I got your toes!!" During these last couple of days (nice weather) I will roll his cage out into our little back courtyard (we live in a duplex) and he sits out there enjoying the sunshine. My neighbors who just think he is great love when I move him outside and open their windows to hear him talk.

Well the other day I rolled him outside and about 20 minutes later I hear my neighbors laughing and telling Pico how funny he is , I am wondering what in the world is going on. So I go back there to find out...

Pico is standing on the top of his cage with his whole foot balled up and shoved into his mouth saying in a very loud and proud voice " I GOT MY TOES!!!!!!!!"

How do they figure these things out?????

Pico is owned by Lisa. He is a Congo African Grey.


 ROSITA.gif (2062 bytes)

You won't believe this one.

My mom is now 80 years old. They say we regress as we get older and this story will verify that.

My mom fixes Rosie her peanut butter toast in the morning. I usually take my shower while Rosie eats this. This morning was no exception. I went in to take my shower and when I got out, it was total silence in the house. I was a little scared cause it's generally very noisy with Rosie talking up a storm while eating and mom answering. I hurried up and dried off and went into the kitchen.

Picture this:
Mom is sitting in her chair with her back to Rosie. Rosie is perched on her t-stand with her back to my mom. I asked mom what was wrong?  She said "Rosie won't eat her toast and we're not talking to each other."

They were seriously mad at each other and I had to have them "kiss and make up." Now, what am I gonna do with two 3 year olds in the house???

Rosita is owned by Judy.  She is a Congo African Grey.


 Micah our Honorary Grey!!

Micaht~1.jpg (250711 bytes)I brought two hot fudge sundaes home from McDonalds one night and when I
gave one to Bob, Micah spied it from his "station" on the other end of the couch to Bob's left.  He came running trumpeting his "I want" sound the whole way.  Before Bob knew it Micah was on his right shoulder.  Bob asked me if he got all the chocolate off could he give Micah a bite of ice cream, I told him ONLY if he got all the chocolate off.  He did and offered the spoon to Micah, then he took a bite himself, then Micah wanted another bite, so Bob gave him one and tried to take another himself, but instead Micah thought it was still HIS turn and climbed down onto Bobs chest and put his beak right up against Bob's lips as if to say "the next bite has to come through ME first!"  I was laughing so hard!  Bob moves his head quickly and takes a bite and Micah spies the cup in his left hand and goes running down that arm.  Bob puts the cup down on the table, scoops Micah up, puts him on his table top perch, picks the cup back up and proceeds to try to eat the rest as fast as possible.   In that time Micah jumps from the table to the foot of Bob's recliner and runs back up his leg to his chest and back to the lips!  I was practically laughing myself stupid!  Bob ended up putting Micah back on the table and finishing his ice cream in the kitchen!

reddivider.gif (1129 bytes)

Bestmi~1.jpg (326417 bytes)Then our little junk food junkie...

Bob was eating French fries and didn't think it was a good idea to give them to the birds but Micah was on his shoulder, begging, Bob told him "no" but yet when he thought he dropped one, then thought it must have been his imagination cause he didn't see where it went, he continued eating.  Micah saw where it landed though!  He climbed down Bobs chest to the dropped fry grabbed it, ran back up the chest and took off with it down the couch as fast as his little legs would carry him so Bob couldn't get it back!  We couldn't very well take it away from him then!


Micah is owned by Shelly.  Micah is a male Eclectus. He is our Honorary Grey over at Grey Matter. We are honored that he is with our fellow "Grey Man". He is a mighty special birdie!


 ABIGAILFBS.gif (1520 bytes)

Every evening Abby wants to preen my hair. As of 3 months ago I had hair down my back. Now its SUPER short and lengthy on top.

Abby will lean into me - when I walk by. So I stop to kiss my gal ;) and she is all the way stretched reaching for my hair. So I bend my head down and she seemed to be preening but she actually takes a lock of hair places it somewhere on my head ~ ever so gently. She will do this for 10-15 minutes if i let her.

Abby is owned by Monie.  She is a Congo African Grey.


 brandyfbs.gif (2043 bytes)

After dinner one night I served Jell-O for dessert. My Brandy likes the Jell-O, but will not eat it if he sees the Cool Whip first. So I serve the Jell-O and feed some to Brandy first and then we can get out the Cool Whip and put some on it. After I finished mine I left the room for a minute and hubby was supposed to be keeping any eye on him. When I came back I found Brandy standing IN the container of Cool Whip eating his fill!!! Have you ever tried to get Cool Whip off the feathers of a bird? Use baby shampoo, and since that incident I always keep a tiny bottle of it on the window sill over my kitchen sink for bird emergencies.

Brandy is owned by Cathy Mc.  He is a Timneh African Grey.

 OLIVERFBS.gif (1558 bytes)

He was taking a shower downstairs and had Oliver up on the shower doors. Carlos of course had a Coke in the shower with him (MEN! ARGHHH!) and Oliver hopped on Carlos' head (those of you not knowing Carlos - he is going bald and buzzes his head - hence nothing for Oliver to grab onto haha) Anyway Oliver gains his balance and Pecks on Carlos' head till Carlos gives Oliver the can. Wait - don't get upset. Carlos trix Oliver - he finishes off the soda, rinses and fills it with water from the shower! I thought that was just hysterical. He is just too much!

Oliver is owned by Monie. He is a Congo African Grey.


 raybanfbs.gif (2071 bytes)

Rayban says WHAT?

Sometimes Rayban's Papa Tony works out of town. Well, during one stretch, I decided to teach Rayban to say PAPA TONY. This is a phrase we had never used before, and I had never called Tony this before. So after about 2 weeks of me parroting PAPA TONY PAPA TONY PAPA TONY, he must have gotten tired of hearing it. One morning I was going through my routine papa tony papa tony papa tony..... and from the next room, a real irritated WHAAAAAAAAT? in Papa Tony's voice......just a fluke? So I called again, PAPA TONY? again, a real irritated WHAAAAAAAT? from Rayban. Well, I guess you had to be there....I thought it was funny.

 reddivider.gif (1129 bytes)


One afternoon, I let the scarlet macaw hang out on top of his cage. He was usually pretty good about staying there and surveying the scene. So he hung out on top of his cage, Rayban was in his cage chattering up a storm....I was sitting on the floor with my head down, stringing (what else) wood blocks for bird toys. Rayban is talking and talking and suddenly he goes into a loud, insistent, GET OFFA THERE GET OFFA THERE GEEEET OFFFFFFA THERE!!!!!!! I look up, and the scarlet macaw has shimmied down his cage and is climbing up someone else's cage!!!!!!! RAYBAN KNEW THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!! My little hero!

Rayban (aka "da Man") is owned by Joanne.  He is a Congo African Grey.


Amos is at it again. . .  He loves to sit out on the screen deck. He can do a great crow! Well today as the crows landed in the trees and flew up over the house to the feeder on the other side, Amos yells really loud at them, "Hey! What ya doin'? Come here!" As they crowed at him and continue on over the house out of his sight he says in a really rotten little voice, "Wicked Brats! That p*sses me off." ROTFLOL Hubby and I just roared with laughter. This bird is a hoot and the joy of our lives really.

Amos is owned by Rain.  He is a Congo African Grey.


 SINBAD.gif (1592 bytes)

Some of you know me. My mom is Ginny. I want to tell MY side of the story before she tells you her way. First, you should know I'm innocent!

Ginny decided she was tired of the bird room arrangement. All of us were lined up along one wall and the little fellas were on the side wall. We were in an L shape. There's me, the queen Congo African Grey, then that green beast Tres Jolie a Blue Front Amazon and that other beastly bird, Bobo the Lilac Crown Amazon. I'm surrounded by Amazons! Help! Then there's little Max, the Blue Crown Conure and Baby Jade a Maxmillian's Pionus. They're on the little part of the L.

Well, mom decided she was tired of walking the long part of the L, so she made a double row of us. That Amazon Tres Jolie got my corner and Bobo got the other corner. I have to be in front of the window, but I don't like these green birds. Grey is prettier. Then the little fells were lined up right in front of my cage (blocked my view of the bird room door) and in front of Tres Jolie, but I don't care about her cuz I'm better.

Mom comes in all the time just like she always has, but now, when she walks by I can grab her long blonde curls and yank 'em (used to be brunette curls but something happened). Sometimes I yank hard. Then when she bends over to talk to that other green bird, Tres Jolie, I get her in the hiney! I think Bobo doesn't like the new set up either cuz now he flies to her shoulder whenever she's between the cages. She keeps telling Bobo she's gonna clip him. She should cuz he's green.

Here's the good part. After a good hair pulling or hiney bite mom turns around fast and says, "HEY!" I look out the window. Mom asks, "Who did that, Sinbad?" but I just look out the window. When she turns back to talk to that green bird again, I get her again! She's so dumb. She just keeps turning around, asking me who did it!

This morning, it happened again, only this time when she turned around, I said, "Who did that, Sinbad?" before she could! I really fooled her. She started laughing and laughing. If she tells you this story, I know she'll lie, so I'm telling you first. I'm getting really good at looking innocent!

Sinbad the Grey-8!

Sinbad is owned by Ginny. He is a Congo African Grey.


Oliver to Sinbad

Dear Sinbad,

I haff ta tell U dat wuz soooo funnee! It wuz soo funnee dat I rolled on my bak laffin!

My mama sed something de other day dat insulted myyy EGO!

She sed I wuz spiteful - See me 'n Mama are budds! Wez do juss 'bowt everything togedder! Buttt latelee she has been a bit tense!

So bak to da storee... She hadda hard day at work so she took a showerr BUT she took dat Abby wiff her! BOY wuz I mad at mama! I flew around da kitchen 10 times waiting for da door to open! And finally 15 minuttes later it opens.. Well I didn't ferget! Later, She was kleenin my cage anna I wuz on top off it. She wuz bending down kleenin de insyde off it an' I pooped!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She tried to get outta de cage but cudnt get out qwik enuff! I juss wooked outta da window wike HmmmmHmmmm I didn't do noddin!

Me spytefuww? Nahhhhhhh!

Your budd Oliver!


 TOBY.gif (1375 bytes)

This is too funny! I'm sitting here at the puter this morning catching up on all the posts here. Toby is nearby in his cage, yakking away as usual.   Suddenly I'm aware that he is repeating "Can I go.." over and over. I am wondering where it is he wants to go as he does not seem to be finishing the sentence. Then, he finally finishes the sentence. What is he saying you ask? Get this...."Can I go online?" ROTF!!! What a hoot! My kids are not allowed to go online unless they ask and now he has picked that up.

Maybe it really has been him chatting with his grey friends here on this board?

Toby is owned by Sharon.  Toby is a Congo African Grey.




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