Harmony in the Home

by Monica Gonzalez published: 5/24/01


Date last edited:  06/20/12








Far too many times I have come across the individual who asks, "Do all birds need get along in a household family?"  The answer is not complex... No. Let's explore the reasons why.

Birds should not be housed together in the same cage. (More than one bird in a cage can cause undue stress).  Stress can lead to unwarranted illness. Keep cages a reasonable distance apart. They need not be next to one another. Birds should have separate play stands or play areas.  Individual quality play time with their humans is not a luxury but a necessity. African Grey Parrots, just as with many other species of parrots, are flock animals and it is a requirement to spend individual time with each of of your feathered companions.

Even if flock members dislike one another, they will still communicate with one another. Whether they are in different rooms or floors of your home. This is all a part of being in the "flock". 

Supervision is always recommended when several birds are out at the same time.  Ensuring the play stands are far enough apart so one cannot get at the other. Remember parrots are very curious by nature and will try to get their little talons into something mischievous. 

Keep your ears in tune to your bird's calls. Knowing their distress calls can avoid problems before they arise. There is always one flock member who will warn others when a stranger arrives at your home.  Listen for these types of calls. Some birds who may not have as much of a talking ability may be "talking" to you with their body language. 

If you have a home in which all your avian companions get along, that is wonderful! But in some situations, birds will antagonize one another, which can become very dangerous. Plan separate play times out of the cage.  This can be the key to harmony in the home.  Make sure when the other birds are in their cages, they know it is not a punishment and to encourage them to play with their toys. Offer that "special" toy or treat when they are feeling neglected. Do not have feelings of remorse. Rest assured they will be fine! Keep in mind, birds are extremely intuitive to our feelings and emotions. They will pry on our feelings of guilt, and they will use it to get what they want.

The first step to a happy home is to feel good about what you do, believe in it and make it happen!  Key ingredients to success!!





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