Tips in Bird Theft Prevention
by Monica Gonzalez, article created 3/27/03
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Although we do not like to think about it, bird theft is very real. Bird theft is known to happen and various times throughout the day and evening.

Things you can do to protect your beloved feathered companions.
  1. Do not advertise you have birds. This would include: Parrot Mailboxes, Parrot Flags, Bumper Stickers, or bringing your pet bird out in public.
  2. Attempt to keep the amount of people who know about your birds to a minimum.
  3. Be aware of talking about your birds in public and giving out personal information on how many parrots you have at home. You never who might be overhearing a conversation.
  4. Alarm System. For times when we need to be away from our homes, install a security system directly connected to a Central Station. Ensure you have alarm decals outdoors to bring awareness your home is secure.
  5. Do not count on your neighbors to be your security system.
  6. Keeping lighted entry ways (doors and windows) has been an effective means of deterring bird theft.
  7. Keep your birds away from front windows. If your parrot can be seen, temptation may lead to theft.

Do your best to protect your avian companions. They depend on us to provide a safe home environment for them.


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